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About Atty. David Grossack

Atty. David GrossackDavid Grossack is well qualified to be an entrepreneurial coach. Educated at Brandeis University, Babson College (where he received a degree in management) and New England School of Law, in his college years assisted his father in one of the family businesses, a marketing research company which tested advertising before consumer panels and conducted opinion surveys about products, political candidates and TV commercials.

Later David worked as a private investigator apprenticing under a retired FBI agent and later worked in the jewelry and chemical industries. After graduating law school and passing the bar at the age of 25, David has worked with many entrepreneurs in industries including manufacturing, publishing , retail, entertainment, advertising, finance, biotechnology and other fields for over 30 years.

How Anybody Can Seize A Great Business Opportunity At Their Local Courthouse

They are incredibly frustrated people. You see them in all 50 states, every week, in every courthouse where millions of debt collection cases are heard."They" are small business owners, people who lend money foolishly, neighbors who misjudged neighbors, friends who misjudged friends, landlords who misjudged tenants - in other words, all kinds of deals gone sour.

These people own judgments, having won court cases, but cannot collect money because they don't know the many possible techniques of doing so.

They show up at courthouses at "supplementary process" or "poor debtor sessions," trying to get payment orders, but are grossly underequipped. They don't have the right information, and they don't know how or where to get it; their situation is often hopeless.

But you can come to their rescue, and help them make money. In fact, everybody makes money in the process.

You can discreetly approach these folks as they leave the courtroom and introduce yourself as a judgment enforcement specialist.

You can offer to help them and suggest that they assign the judgment to you. You can enter into an agreement with them to help recover the judgment in exchange for an assignment and "a piece of the action," i.e. a portion of the collected amount. Then, simply refer the matter to the Allerton Hill Financial Group and we all split whatever is recovered. When this is done enough times regularly, you'll make a very good income.

If you are interested, call the Allerton Hill hotline now at 781-925-5253 and leave your name and phone number.

We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

I've been doing this business for over 30 years. My book, Dollars from Debtors will help you understand how the Grossack system works. It involves salesmanship, detective skills and persistence. And it often pays off. Order it now, in print or as an e-book, or see a sample here.

Judgment Enforcement As A Business Opportunity

The past decade saw a spike in judgment enforcement promotion. It has been hailed as a lucrative, foolproof business in which the success rate was high and the risks were low. Yet many people have simply been misinformed. Before you dive into the world of judgment enforcement, there are a few things you need to know.

It is true that the judgment enforcement can potentially be very profitable. There are unquestionably billions of dollars in uncollected judgments throughout the United States. In fact, it is something that even many lawyers don't know how to do. However, it requires knowledge of many different legal techniques, some of which can be quite complex.

Let's be clear on what entrepreneurial judgment enforcement is and what it is not:

1. Judgment enforcement is stepping into the shoes of a client/judgment owner and zealously and competently using the judicial process and legal tools to extract money from the debtor;

2. Judgment enforcement is knowing how to seize assets, chase debtors (even if they file bankruptcy), and keep in compliance with state and federal regulations;

3. Judgment enforcement is not for those who have no full understanding of the process, or are unable to do significant legal study or fact-finding investigations;

4. Judgment enforcement is emphatically not sitting back and hoping that the debtor will suddenly decide, on his own free will, to honor his legal obligation. This rarely happens.

If you are considering judgment enforcement as a business, let me leave you with a few more ideas.

Some people are in the business of buying judgments, in bulk, for pennies on the dollar. While there are financial reasons to acquire judgments, there are also practical reasons to refer these judgments to someone who can ultimately enforce them.

It is also a good idea to acquire assignments of judgments and work with an experienced lawyer to coordinate, investigate, and enforce them. Your contract with the judgment owner should include an understanding about who is to share court costs, service of process fees, and investigative expenses.

As in many other fields, you will have competitors. But because the market for uncollected judgments is so large, there is an opportunity for many new entrepreneurs.

To help you get started, I am offering coaching, enforcement assistance, and other kinds of help nationwide. A few sample pages of my book, Dollars from Debtors, are available on this blog. Feel free to browse and take advantage of many other resources, such as our Finder's Program, or the Allerton Hill Financial Group.

I look forward to working with you.

David Grossack
Allerton Hill Financial Group
781-925-5253 (EST)
Email: dgrossack [at] gmail.com

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How To Raise One Million Dollars Each Year Selling Stock In Your Business!

One thing most companies have in common is that their growth involved using other people's money is raised in public stock offerings.

If your company cannot or does not want to use money borrowed from a bank or invested by a venture capitalist, there is another choice, one that doesn't involve repayment of a loan or losing control of your company. That choice is selling shares to investors and is worth looking into.

Raising capital by selling stock is now less complicated and less expensive than ever and your government wants to help you do it.

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